Informational Materials

The Initiative believes it is important to provide information to patients and caregivers in a manageable way, and provide printed materials to make the facts about lung cancer more comprehensible.  

Below are the materials we have produced to help educate and empower lung cancer advocates and patients.  These include 1. an infographic on molecular testing; 2. lung cancer screening risk assessment tool; 3. lung cancer myths and risk factors bookmark; 4. Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina brochure; 5. lung cancer fact sheet; 6. patient journal for organizing your cancer journey.

If you are interested in receiving any of the materials below, please fill out this form or click the image to download them yourself.


Molecular Testing         Risk Assessment Tool         Lung Cancer Myths 

LCI Brochure 

Lung Cancer Fact Sheet  Patient Journal


Learn more about Lung Cancer Screening                                                         

Learn More about the Facts of Lung Cancer

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