Recipients of the 2016 Access Grants


Cancer Services IncCancer Services, Inc

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Program Title: Cancer Treatment Support for Lung Cancer Patients

“Cancer Services is grateful to the Lung Cancer Initiative of NC for this grant that helps enable us secure critical cancer treatment medications for lung cancer patients who are un/under-insured and are facing going without treatment due to the extraordinary expenses related to lung cancer.”                                                 

-Tara C. O'Brien


Community Health Coalition Community Health Coalition, Inc

Durham, North Carolina

Program Title: The Relationship of Lung Cancer Information to Improved Access to Lung Cancer Screenings in African Americans

“For over 25 years, the Community Health Coalition (CHC) has served a large percentage of African American who are uninsured of underinsured and who are frequently challenged by a lack of healthcare resources that are unavailable to them. Many these individuals attend a variety of events at educated them about health concerns that disproportionately affect them. Yet many don’t appear to comprehend the relationship and significance of the information to their own health status. With this grant, CHC will be able to conduct focus group sessions to determine if there are key themes or phrases that may enable us to encourage and promote access to lung cancer screenings in these African American populations better!” 

-Lottie Barns


Vidant Medical CenterVidant Medical Center

Greenville, North Carolina

Program Title: Low-Dose Screening Initiative

“Vidant Cancer Care is very grateful to be the recipient of an Access grant in the amount of $10,000 from the Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina. These funds will allow us to provide low-dose CT screening to those who otherwise may not be able to have it due to cost. The Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina is truly our partner in early diagnosis of lung cancer to decrease the mortality of this disease.”                

-Phyllis DeAntonio 



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