Board of Directors

Amy Cipau, MBA, MA, Advocate
President and Founder 


Jennifer Garst, MD, Board Chairman
Duke Cancer Institute at Duke Raleigh Cancer Center 


Jeremy Holden

Jeremy Holden, Advocate
Chief Strategy Officer, Clean Design


Liz Hynson

Liz Hynson, Advocate

Edward S. Kim, MD
Levine Cancer Institute
Carolinas Healthcare System


Hiren Mehta

Hiren Mehta, MD
UNC REX Pulmonary Specialists


Justin Brian Nicholson

Justin Brian Nicholson, Survivor
Sterling Capital


Emily Parks, Advocate
Organize for Success, LLC 


Chris Rallis, Advocate
Pappas Capital
Jim Sheegog, Advocate
Rowhill Consulting Group

Shirley Sulick
Shirley Sulick, Survivor


Jared Weiss, MD
UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center 
N.C. Cancer Hospital

Past Board Members

Tomma Hargraves, Survivor

Gary Hicks, Advocate

Robert Ingram   
Hattaras Venture Partners

Sandy Oehler, Survivor

Alden Parsons, MD
UNC REX Healthcare

Gerald Postema, Advocate
Professor of Philosophy and Law, UNC-Chapel Hill 

David White, MD 
Duke Raleigh Cancer Center

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