Education Programs

The lung cancer Initiative is dedicated to education about lung cancer.  Below are the programs dedicated to doing just that.

Education and Outreach Committee

The Lung Cancer Initiative offers free lung cancer educational sessions to businesses to increase staff wellness and to civic groups.  They also participate in health fairs to distribute lung cancer materials and build awareness within local communities.

Expert Speakers Series

Using partnerships with North Carolina’s cancer centers, our Expert Speaker Series allows for patients and their families to come together to hear from experts on topics related to lung cancer and research. Past topics include: Updates in Lung Cancer Research and a panel discussion on Multidisciplinary Care, clinical trials and survivorship.

Physician Education

The Improving Access to Treatment for Lung Cancer Patients (AccessTLC) program, is a strategic multi-partner educational initiative with an overall aim to shorten the time to treatment for lung cancer patients. AccessTLC focuses on primary care physicians and nurses who are the frontline providers for lung cancer patients. The goals of AccessTLC are to limit the progression of lung cancer prior to treatment, increase access to stage-appropriate care, and increase the number of lung cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials by shortening the time required to make new and more effective treatments available to patients.

Materials Distribution

The Lung Cancer Initiative has created and distributes free print and online materials to patients and physician offices, which provide vital information to help patients and their families better understand their diagnosis of lung cancer and how to find help and receive the best care available on their lung cancer journey.

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