Education & Outreach

Education and Outreach Team?

Our Education and Outreach team focuses on building lung cancer awareness in local communities.  We do this by distributing materials, participating in health fairs, presenting at local businesses and through our Expert Speakers Series.

If you are interested in joining the Education and Outreach team, please email Jenni Danai.

We also provide trainings several times throughout the year.  Contact Jenni for more information about Speaker Trainings.

Education and Outreach Activities

The Lung Cancer Initiative offers free lung cancer educational sessions to businesses to increase staff wellness and to civic groups.  Topics include:  risk factors for lung cancer, lung cancer diagnosis and treatment and information about the Lung Cancer Initiative.   

The Lung Cancer Initiative participates in health fairs to distribute lung cancer materials and build awareness within local communities.

If you are interested in having the Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina participate in your company’s health fair or speak to your employees, please contact Jenni Danai.

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