Hope Ambassadors provide sustaining funding to support LCI's mission delivery through regular giving such as monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.  For example, a gift of:

  • $4.17 per month equals how much it costs to help one individual seeking treatment through programs like our gas card program each year
  • $21 per month equals the amount needed to help one patient who has been financially impacted by their cancer diagnosis each year
  • $30 per month equals the amount needed to fund one day of lung cancer research through the research fellowship program
  • $100 per month equals the amount needed to offer educational events like the Advocacy Summit to ten participants

Hope Ambassadors will be recognized on LCI's web site and receive special recognition at LCI events.

There is so much HOPE in the field of lung cancer with the five-year survival rate increasing to 21 percent according to the American Cancer Society and many recent treatment advancements. Yet, there is so much more work to do, and your support is so important.


Become a HOPE Ambassador 


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