Why I Walk... Mary's Misfits

Charlotte LUNGe Forward 5K

PJ Anderson shares her story about why she walks for lung cancer.  
Her team, Mary's Misfits, is named for her sister.

My story isn't one with a happy ending, but it is one with hope in mind. I decided to join and participate because my sister, Mary Sullivan, was diagnosed with lung cancer on October 13th, 2014 and died on November 29th, 2014. People were so kind, generous, and helpful during that short time and I felt a strong need to find a way to pay it forward somehow. 

I knew that someday, I would want to turn my grief into joy and hope by involving myself with an organization geared toward finding a cure, and raising awareness for this horrible disease. While knowing that her prognosis was not good, Mary showed tremendous strength, all that time, remaining in good spirits and determined to make her final days good days. It's my wish to honor her and others like her while working for ways to help people live longer through this diagnosis and survive it!

Together, we can create hope for a life beyond lung cancer, for everyone.

- PJ (Patricia) Anderson


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