Meet the Summer 2017 Interns - Courtney and Jacqueline

Courtney Freeman

My name is Courtney Freeman and I am the Programs intern from East Carolina University. I am currently finishing my degree in Public Health, with a concentration in worksite health promotion. The field of Public Health is a huge interest to me because it allows me to not only educate, but help others become and stay healthy. I love what the Lung Cancer Initiative is doing with supporting, raising awareness, and educating the community about lung cancer.

During my time here as an intern I hope to help spread awareness and educate the community about the issues surrounding lung cancer. By attending health fairs and putting together a fundraiser for the organization, I hope my time here will be beneficial not only to the community members I reach, but to the organization as well.


My name is Jacqueline Benton and I am a rising senior at Meredith College. I am currently working towards a double major in Public Health with a concentration in Biology and Social Sciences and Business Administration with a concentration in marketiJacqueline Benton ng. I am also working towards minors in biology and marketing. My greatest goal in life is to create a business that will change the lives of young children in third world countries by creating a healthier living environment. I am here at Lung Cancer Initiative to learn how marketing and communications bring together communities to grow this wonderful organization.

Through my time as the Summer Communications and Marketing Intern, I have already been able to see how beneficial marketing is to this organization. I am so honored to be chosen as a summer intern! This experience has given me the ability to advocate for a cause in hope to make changes in the lives of other. 

Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina Spring 2017 Interns


Thank you Courtney and Jacqueline for all of your help and creativity over the past few months! We know you both will have incredibly bright futures ahead and make a huge difference in this world. 



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