How to Prepare for this Year's LUNGe Forward Events

Dust off your running shoes, there are only six weeks left this year's LUNGe Forward events - which means it's time to start training! 

Whether you choose to register as an individual, start a fundraising team, or choose the "Lounge for Lunge Cancer" online participation option, your contribution helps Lung Cancer Initiative (LCI) further its mission of advancing survivorship by providing support to those affected by lung cancer through research, education, and access programs. And, participating in the LUNGe Forward has never been easier. For the first time, all of the signature LUNGe Forward events (in Charlotte, the Triad, the Triangle, and our first Pop-Up LUNGe Forward community-led event in South Carolina) will be held on the same day: Saturday, September 18


Regardless of if you choose to run or walk, you can follow the plan below to prepare for one day to raise awareness and create hope by joining us on September 18. To register for one of this year's events, visit


Step 1: Download the Couch to 5K (C25K) App 


C25K is designed for people with little to no experience running, making it easy to use for all ages to follow. The app helps you learn how to properly warm-up, pace yourself throughout your run/walk, and cool down. We encourage you to use this app if you plan on running at this year's LUNGe Forward.



Step 2: Follow a 6-Week Running Plan


If you do choose to run at our event, you can download the running plan above to help you prepare over the next six weeks. However you choose to support this event, these next six weeks are crucial to raising awareness and funds for the fight against lung cancer. So, consider posting on social media and updating your loved ones on how you plan to step out on Saturday, September 18, to make a difference.



Step 3: Learn the Importance of Stretching


Learning how to properly stretch is important to ensuring that you don't injure yourself while training, or on event day. To learn how to properly stretch before and after your run/walk, click on the link above.


Step 4: Find an Run/Walk Partner

Not only does having a running/walking partner help you stay on track with your preparation, the LUNGe Forward events are always more fun with loved ones! If you haven't yet, consider starting a Fundraising Team and invite your friends, family members, and co-workers to join your team.


Looking to maximize your impact? Start a DIY Fundraiser and choose a LUNGe Forward event to donate the funds to. Download our DIY Fundraising Guide and Toolkit for ideas on how you can raise funds to advance survivorship and provide support to those affected by lung cancer. Or, simply Set Up a Facebook Fundraiser and invite your friends to donate!

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