Lung Cancer Advocate Honors Father’s Memory at Annual LUNGe Forward

You've heard it before, but it's worth repeating: anyone can get lung cancer. But have you paused to think of the implications? It means that at any moment, anyone can become a caregiver. At any moment, your systems of support can break down, and you may find yourself needing a new community, one that provides you not only with support, but the resources, knowledge, and the tools to raise awareness that there is hope. At Lung Cancer Initiative (LCI), we want to be that community for you, which is why we encourage you to attend this year's LUNGe Forward events (in Charlotte, the Triad, the Triangle, South Carolina, and Southeastern, NC). 
The need for community is the position that Quentin Gunter found himself in when his father, Charles Gunter, was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in 2012. Quentin, alongside his siblings, cared for his father full-time until he passed away in 2014, when the cancer metastasized to his brain. Though Quentin had learned a lot about lung cancer and caregiving during those two years, he didn't find his community or support system until he attended the
 Triad LUNGe Forward 5K Run, Walk & Celebration in Greensboro, NC, at Center City Park. Now, Quentin honor's his father's memory every year by stepping out and raising awareness of lung cancer.

                                 Quentin volunteering at the Triad LUNGe Forward in Greensboro, NC
Quentin first heard about the Triad LUNGe Forward shortly after his father had passed away. "Somehow I found out about the LUNGe Forward in Greensboro, NC," said Quentin. "I thought, 'oh my gosh, this is so amazing!' I wanted to keep honoring my father by supporting lung cancer and staying involved."
Now, Quentin is raising awareness in his community for the fifth year in a row by supporting Lung Cancer Initiative's (LCI) LUNGe Forward events. “Keeping the memory of my father alive through the Triad LUNGe Forward has really helped me cope,” said Quentin. “The community is what keeps me coming back year after year.”

The LUNGe Forward events are Lung Cancer Initiative's primary fundraising event that helps fuel critical life-saving research, increase access to care, and expand community education programs across North Carolina and beyond. No matter where you are, you can participate in one of our regional signature events (in Charlotte, the Triad, the Triangle) in-person on Saturday, September 18, join a Pop-Up LUNGe Forward community-led event in South Carolina, or Southeastern NC, gather your loved ones to walk and raise awareness in your neighborhood or participate online. 

"Please consider supporting lung cancer research and endeavors. Without you, we cannot do what we need to do to ensure people live the best lives they can." - Quentin Gunter.

  • You can choose to participate remotely by selecting the "Lounge for Lung Cancer" option

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