What is the Lung Cancer Initiative Access to Care Gas Card Program?

The Gas Card program began in April 2013 as part of the Lung Cancer Initiative’s (LCI) Patient Support programs. It was a lung cancer survivor and board member’s vision “to find a tangible way to support patients on a very local level.” It is just one of the ways that LCI supports patients. 

What is the Access to Care Gas Card Program?

As the leading nonprofit organization supporting lung cancer research and education in North Carolina, LCI supports lung cancer patients with the access to care gas card program. It provides assistance to lung cancer patients who are seeking treatment, including clinical trials. The program gives $50 BP gift cards to patients in need of support whether that is for themselves personally or for friends and family that drive them. The goal of the program is to lessen the financial burden for patients so they can receive appropriate lung cancer treatment by providing gas cards.

Conji Titus, lung cancer survivor and gas card recipient.

When I got that first gas card... to me, that was a lot of money. And, I just thought that was so generous of the Lung Cancer Initiative because we struggle and there are just not a lot of resources available to us. The gas card program, it seems small, but it makes a huge difference. - Conji Titus, lung cancer survivor and gas card recipient.

Why is the Access to Care Gas Card Program Important?

With the generosity of donors like you, lung cancer patients can reach the best treatment centers that they would otherwise struggle to make it to. Parts of North Carolina are made up of rural and low income communities. Patients and patient families must trek far distances to reach high quality care.

The access to care gas program takes the burden of the cost of gas off patients, as well as their families. Thanks to your help, since 2014, over 2,000 gas cards to patients across the state. If you would like to support programs like this, click here to make a donation. Or, setup a recurring donation to become an Ambassador of Hope. Those who give $1,000 or more annually (whether as a one-time donation or at a recurring level) will join the Giving Hope Society. 

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