Recipients of the 2020 Access Grants





Elon University, Department of Physical Therapy Education

Recipient: Elizabeth S. Evans, PhD  

Program Title: Addressing Fall Risk in Lung Cancer Survivors

This project will offer free interactive fall risk screenings for individuals with a history of lung cancer. A free guided exercise intervention, designed to improve physical function and balance, will also be provided to individuals who are determined to be at a higher risk for falling. A novel aspect of this project is that it will be delivered virtually, thus improving its accessibility to individuals across the state of North Carolina. The grant will cover the cost of equipment and materials needed to conduct these screenings and interventions, such as activity monitors, pulse oximeters, and resistance bands. Individuals with a history of lung dysfunction and cancer tend to be at an increased risk of falling, and such falls can result in serious health consequences. Thus, assessing and addressing fall risk in lung cancer survivors carries great importance. Delivering these interactive screenings and interventions in the virtual environment will not only increase their accessibility, but will also allow participating individuals to continually engage in exercises designed to improve physical function and balance, with the goal of decreasing future fall risk.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please fill out the form here to have a member of the project team contact you at your convenience. To be eligible for participation, you need to be an adult with a history of lung cancer living in North Carolina.


GuideStar Gold Participant