Patient Resources

At Lung Cancer Initiative (LCI), our mission is to advance survivorship and provide support to all those impacted by lung cancer. We have many resources designed to support lung cancer survivors at all stages of their journey, from diagnosis to long-term survivorship. Our Survivor Steering Committee provides leadership and guidance to LCI in developing the resources that lung cancer survivors need . See below to learn more.

Access to Care Gas Card Program - The Access to Care Gas Card Program provides assistance to lung cancer patients who are seeking treatment including clinical trials. The goal of the program is to lessen the financial burden for patients so they can receive appropriate lung cancer treatment by providing gas cards. To be eligible for a gas card, the applicant must be a resident of North Carolina and currently undergoing treatment for lung cancer.


Survivor Engagement Events - Survivor Engagement Events are programs designed to build a community of survivors who offer support and camaraderie to one another. Whether you were diagnosed yesterday or 20 years ago, you are welcome and encouraged to attend! Most of these events are social. Occasionally, guest speakers or doctors will join and share relevant information for survivors. Each June, LCI hosts an annual Survivors’ Day Celebration for lung cancer survivors and their families.


Patient Emergency Fund - The Patient Emergency Fund is a program launched annually to provide financial support for lung cancer patients. Understanding that there are many financial hurdles and other emergencies associated with a lung cancer diagnosis, LCI offers the Patient Emergency Fund to provide financial support for lung cancer patients to help with healthy food costs, transportation and other non-medical expenses.



Community Education - Community education events are designed to equip lung cancer survivors and their loved ones with knowledge around lung cancer risk factors, treatment updates, and resources. We hope that they will bring this information back to their support system and healthcare team to ensure that they are receiving the most supportive care. Another community education opportunity is The Advocacy Summit which is an annual event that arms advocates with tools to be more effective in raising awareness of lung cancer in their own communities and includes networking with other lung cancer survivors.


Wellness Retreat - LCI partners with Wind River Retreats to offer an annual wellness retreat designed to support lung cancer survivors by providing them with coping mechanisms to enhance their quality of life while battling lung cancer. Through the retreat programming, the Wind River staff uplifts survivors with techniques to battle stress, tools to check in on their well-being, and a community of other survivors that truly understand what it means to live with a lung cancer diagnosis.


Runs, Walks & Galas - Did you know that survivors are able to attend LCI events for free? No registration fee required! Check out our upcoming events and join us for a celebration of survivorship and to meet other survivors and families impacted by lung cancer.

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