REACH Community Grant Program

The Lung Cancer Initiative’s REACH Community Grant Program aims to empower and support community organizations to fill a gap in lung cancer care within their local communities.

The REACH Community Grant Program awards funding of up to $10,000 to support community-based organizations and non-profit institutions in their collaborative efforts to holistically assist the entire lung cancer community, particularly those who are uninsured, underinsured, and most impacted. Formerly the Access Grant program, this program began in 2016 and has collectively awarded $115,000 to 11 community organizations across North Carolina. The REACH Community Grant Program funds the creation of new programs or expansion of existing programs that reach a community with demonstrated need, promote lung cancer education and awareness, improve access to care,  support complementary healthcare, or advance health equity for North Carolinians.

Grants will be awarded for proposals most closely aligned with one or more of the following focus areas:

Focus Areas

  • Reaching communities with demonstrated need: Programs that fill an existing gap in supportive care of lung cancer patients by targeting specific geographic areas or populations in need of support.
  • Education and Awareness: Programs that raise awareness of lung cancer risk factors, prevention strategies, screening, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, biomarker testing, and survivorship resources available in the local community.
  • Access to Care: Programs that remove or reduce barriers to patients accessing and utilizing information regarding lung cancer risk factors, prevention strategies, screening, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, and survivorship resources available in the local community.
  • Complementary Healthcare: Programs that support the holistic health of lung cancer patients, including but not limited to nutritional counseling, mental health services, peer support programs, and other forms of supportive healthcare.
  • Health Equity: Programs that provide culturally appropriate programming, with an emphasis on serving those most directly impacted.

Important Dates

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis subject to available funds. We review applications biannually according to this schedule:

Application Received by:

Decision Communicated by:

Program Start Date:

April 1st, 2022

May 13th, 2022

July 1st, 2022

October 7th, 2022

November 18th, 2022

January 1st, 2023


The following eligibility requirements apply to the REACH Community Grant Program:

  • Project must be specific to lung cancer in North Carolina. 
  • Project must collaborate with at least one other community partner, including but not limited to county collaborations, nonprofits, hospitals, and community-based organizations.
  • Individuals are not eligible to apply.
  • Projects must be respectful of and inclusive to the health beliefs, practices and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse patients.
  • Past awardees are eligible to apply, however priority is given to first time applicants.  Past awardees must show how the proposed project builds on or differs from the previously funded grant project and be up to date on all reporting requirements.

REACH Grant Funds may NOT be used for the following purposes: 

  • Event sponsorship
  • Salaries and fringe benefits
  • Medical equipment
  • Electronic equipment: if your project requires equipment purchase, inquire to see if your proposal is eligible for review.
  • Medical or scientific research
  • Scholarships or fellowships
  • Indirect costs
  • Construction or renovation of facilities
  • Political campaigns or lobbying

Submission Requirements:

The application packet must include the following sections and information:

  • Organizational Profile
  • Statement of Need
  • Project Narrative
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Key Personnel
  • Attachments
    • Project Budget and Justification
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance 
    • Proof of Non-profit Status 
    • Signed W-9
    • Letters of support from collaborating organizations
    • Evaluation Tool

Review Process

Each application will be reviewed by at least three reviewers and will be considered based on the following selection criteria:

1. Impact: Will the project have a positive impact on increasing access for lung cancer patients? Will the project have a substantial impact on the priority selected? How closely does the project align with the focus areas stated in the RFA? Does the project have a sufficient and documented plan to evaluate its impact? Does this project address existing health inequalities for traditionally underserved populations?

2. Feasibility: How likely is it that the objectives and activities will be achieved within the term of the funding? Is the project well planned? Is the budget appropriate and realistic? Does the budget justification explain in detail the reasoning and need for the costs associated with the project? 

3. Capacity: Does the organization, Project Director and his/her team have the expertise and resources to effectively implement all aspects of the project? Is the organization respected and valued by the target population? Is it culturally competent?

4. Collaboration: Does this project enhance collaboration among organizations with similar or complementary goals? Are the roles of the partners appropriate and relevant? Are partner support letters included? Does this project seek input from individuals within the population that the program seeks to serve?

5. Sustainability: Does the project have a feasible sustainability plan? Are partnerships likely to be sustained the past project period? Is the impact likely to be long-term?

Post-Award Requirements

  • Inclusion of the Lung Cancer Initiative logo and name on all associated project activities, materials and press.
  • Publication of a press release with local new outlets announcing the award.
  • Organization will have a free booth at the closest LUNGe Forward event.
  • Completion of a 6 month progress report and a final report within 90 days of project end.
  • Presentation at a Lung Cancer Initiative event within one year of project completion.
  • Write and publish a news or blog article about the project and its impact, including photos. Share this article with Lung Cancer Initiative to be published on the LCI website.

Download the Application

Email Patient and Community Outreach Specialist Colleen Christensen with the full application and attachments.

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