Laura's Story
A Family History of Lung Cancer

My mom always taught me to never give up.  It wasn’t like she ever sat me down, and said, ”Now Laura, stand up for what you believe in and don’t quit,” but it was a quality that she instilled in all of her children, through leading by example.  In her 9 years living with lung cancer, she had a lumpectomy, 2 brain surgeries, a gamma knife surgery, months of radiation, and years of chemo, not to mention all of the side effects of these treatments; and she never stopped fighting. 

The crazy thing is that she isn’t the only family member I’ve lost to lung cancer.  In the last 6 years, my husband’s Pap died from complications related to his lung cancer; Donna, my sister, died months after being diagnosed with lung cancer; my Uncle Dom died weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer; and last November, my Aunt Glory died from complications from lung cancer.

More people die from lung cancer every year than breast, prostate, and colon cancers combined, yet it is gets the least number of research dollars.
I am carrying on the fight against lung cancer for my mom and my other family members who are unable to do so. More money for research leads to better treatment, which leads to more lives saved.  My kids will already say, I lost my Aunt Donna and Grandma to lung cancer, but I want their list of family members to stop there. 
- Laura
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