Sarah's Story
On Her Mother

My mom, Billie Dee Gluck, passed away from lung cancer on Feb. 10, 2011, at the age of 56. She was diagnosed with lung cancer seven years prior to her passing, in spite of being told she would only have three more years of life.

My mother was healthy, ate well, exercised, and didn’t smoke, so we were all shocked when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Over the years she had multiple surgeries and many rounds of chemo. Through it all, she never showed her pain to my brother or me. I believe, that as a mother, she didn’t want her kids to know her pain.  Whenever we asked how she was, her response was always, “I’m fine.” This ended up becoming a running joke with us all!

We always remained optimistic since she had beaten it many times over the years, but it kept coming back, and it spread throughout her body.  She would always show so much strength to everyone, and because of that, you would be able to put out of your mind that the end would be soon, even if just for a few minutes.  But this helped us be able to focus on the time we were spending together right then.  She fought very hard all the way to the end.
She was the most courageous, outstanding, strong, and loving person I have ever met.  I am forever grateful that she was able to meet my children, her grandkids, but saddened by the fact that she can’t watch them grow up and will never be able to see her son get married or know his children.  
I wanted to participate in the Raleigh 5K to help spread my mom’s story: someone who was extremely well her whole life could still be faced with this awful sickness called lung cancer.
- Sarah


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